Mac’s Work on National Security

Mac believes that the first job of the federal government is to defend the country. He has been a strong advocate for making sure that the military and national security professionals have the tools they need to do the job the country asks of them. He also believes it is wrong to play partisan politics with those who risk their lives to protect America.

The most important element of our national security is the people in the military and other national security organizations. Mac believes we must ensure that the country continues to get and to keep top quality personnel; that they have the education and training they need; that they have all of the tools and resources necessary; and that they are given the country’s full support when carrying out their assignments.

As a leader in reforming the nuclear weapons complex, in creating the Department of Homeland Security, and in reforming the Intelligence Community, Mac continues to push for reforms that help the country meet the challenges of today and tomorrow, rather than to refight the wars of the past. He pushes for greater attention to space, cyber warfare, and irregular warfare, as well as for management reforms to help ensure that the taxpayers get the most for each dollar spent on national security.

Mac has established himself as a leader on national security, an issue area in which he continues to be given new responsibilities and opportunities to help advance the security of our nation.

He currently serves as the Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee.

Mac Thornberry is:

“a smart hawk who’s not afraid to buck the party line.” -Defense News

“one of the most consistently thoughtful and effective legislators on the House Armed Services Committee.” -DoD Buzz

“well-regarded in both parties for his thoughtfulness on security issues.” -National Journal

“a distinguished thinker on defense issues and foreign affairs… an informed, dispassionate expert on national security and intelligence.” -Esquire