What Others Are Saying

Mac is a commonsense conservative with deep Texas roots.  He has the experience and conservative track-record to fight the liberal Obama agenda.

In his time in Congress, he has established a reputation as a leader on national security policy.  Take a look at what others are saying about Mac.

“[Mac] answers our questions without the slightest hint of evasiveness, rarely if ever echoes some sort of company, i.e., partisan, line and welcomes any criticism that might come his way…We’ve benefited from Thornberry’s tenure in Washington, D.C., as his longevity places him increasingly in positions of power on critical issues, such as the Armed Services Committee, as its vice chairman, and the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.”  Times Record News 2/10/13 (Wichita Falls)

“Thornberry has established himself as a strong conservative leader and as a respected voice in the varied areas of interest to the Texas Panhandle, from farm bills to national security and energy. Thornberry’s influence in Washington has grown, and he deserves the opportunity to continue to support the vast and expansive 13th District…” Amarillo Globe-News, 10/27/12

“The American Conservative Union (ACU) is delighted to once again bestow our ratings award to Congressman Mac Thornberry for the year 2012. Mac Thornberry’s lifetime ACU rating of “95” shows an extraordinary commitment to conservative principles on a wide range of issues and is one of the highest ratings in the Congress over that length of time.” President, American Conservative Union 2013

“Thornberry’s star is rising during a trying time for the Armed Services panel” POLITICO 7/18/13

Thornberry is “a leading actor on defense in the United States who is thoughtful, balanced and intellectually grounded in his opinions and actions.”  Admiral James Stavridis (USNA RET), former Commander, U.S. European Command and NATO’s 16th Supreme Allied Commander Europe, 7/18/13

“He’s not one who thinks of a question or an issue because he’s read about it. He tends to be ahead of the curve…”POLITICO 7/18/13

“A leading pro-defense Republican…” Defense News, 7/21/13

“The congressman from the 13th District is Mac Thornberry… He is considered one of Congress’ brainiest and most thoughtful Republicans on national and domestic security issues…Thornberry has often been at the forefront of security issues…” National Journal Almanac of American Politics 07/01/11

“Thornberry is a thoughtful lawmaker with considerable experience in the legislative process…and he is a respected voice on national security matters.” Congressional Quarterly Politics in America Member Profile 2011

“One of the most conservative members of the House” National Journal 02/10

“Thornberry’s conservative credentials are almost beyond reproach…” Amarillo Globe-News 08/15/10

“Without a doubt, there are some very solid legislators from that year who remain in the House, including …Mac Thornberry (Texas).”   Editors, The Hill Newspaper 2010

“As far as America’s Right is concerned, he’s one of the good guys.” 05/25/10

“William M. “Mac” Thornberry of Texas, a senior Republican on the House Armed Services Committee and a serious student of government management, stood out at the panel’s otherwise self-congratulatory April 21 markup by reminding his colleagues of the Pentagon’s poor record of implementing congressional prescriptions of this sort. Defense bill after defense bill has called for changes never implemented or only partly observed.” Congressional Quarterly 2010

“Well regarded in both parties for his thoughtfulness on security issues, he [Mac] now laments what he sees as deepening partisan divides on everything from Iraq to intelligence.”  National Journal 2009

“…Rep. Mac Thornberry, one of the most consistently thoughtful and effective legislators on the House Armed Services Committee…” Breaking Defense/DoD Buzz 2009

“[Thornberry is] …One of the most outspoken champions of national defense… ”  Washington Post, Who Runs Gov